We can customize a stretch session to fit individual needs, focusing on problem areas or targeting certain muscles for specific physical activities and sports. Whether you want to improve your posture, make your runs faster and less painful, or help with your weightlifting, discuss your goals with your Flexologist before — and during — your stretch.

Good To Go

This is our basic set of stretches, typically for the person on the go who just wants to get a quick stretch of some major muscle groups of either the Lower Extremities, Upper Extremities, or spine.

20 minutes

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Relax & Lengthen

This is our upgraded service which will work through the full body with stretches of the Lower extremities, Upper Extremities, and Spine. Or you can choose to spend a little more time on problem areas.

30 minutes

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Whole Body

This service will lengthen and relax your body from your ankles and calves all the way up to those tight shoulder and neck muscles. It will include some high frequency massage stimulation therapy to release tension and relax the muscles.

40 minutes

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Live Long

By popular demand, the ultimate ultimate is now available. An extra 20 minutes for even a longer and deeper stretch. For those who want a full body stretch but also need to spend some extra time on a specific area.

60 minutes

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