It's time to set your body free.
Get stretch and live long.


The difference between stretching and getting a stretch.

Brushing your teeth or having them professionally cleaned. Washing your face or getting a facial. Stretching or being stretched. The difference between doing these things yourself and having a trained professional do them for you is night and day. To be clear, we all should stretch every day. But that can’t replace the benefits of being stretched on a regular basis. Of having someone with years of experience read your body, assess your needs and make sure that you have been thoroughly, expertly, stretched. To push you further than you can push yourself and open you up in ways that you just can’t do on your own. Stretching is really good for you. Being stretched is the key to a longer and healthier life.

The vibe, the expertise, and the bench. What to expect your first time.

Your first professional stretch is always an experience. Because you’ve never really done anything like this before. Our trained flexologists understand that, and they put you immediately at ease. Expect a warm welcome, and a lot of talking: your flexologist will ensure you get the most out of your stretch without ever putting you in danger of pain or injury. They will talk you through each stretch, making sure you know what it is designed to do, and how it should feel. And they will let you know where you are especially tight and what you can do during your daily routine to help keep you as open as possible.

We are trained professionals and passionate about what we do.

Prior to becoming a StretchLab flexologist, every team member has already been trained and certified in a related field. Some are chiropractors, some personal trainers. We have yogis and Pilates coaches and physical therapists, and more. The point is, each brings an expertise with them, and a focus on how they can apply their background to delivering truly beneficial, impactful stretches. Each Flexologist goes through our extensive Flexologist Training Program as well. But beyond their professional training, what sets the StretchLab team apart is our dedication and passion for genuinely helping our clients. From your very first visit, you will feel how happy the team is to be here, and how important it is for them to know they are helping people lead stronger and healthier lives.

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