Jennifer was born and raised outside of Atlanta, GA. She completed massage therapy and yoga teacher training in Asheville, NC before moving across the country to Los Angeles to complete her M.A. in Yoga Studies at Loyola Marymount University. Currently Jennifer lives in Playa del Rey, and in her free time enjoys testing her physical limits with AcroYoga, testing her mental limits with Sanskrit literature, and running on the beach.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Finishing my master’s thesis on Classical Yoga and psychological flow.

What is the most beautiful place you have ever been?

Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand

What is your favorite smell in the whole world?


If you were guaranteed to be successful in a different profession, what would you want to do?

I would love to somehow do team building activities and sports in refugee camps. If that’s not a profession, it should be!

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