What do you do at SL?

StretchLab provides one-on-one assisted stretching for sessions of 20, 30, 40 or 60 minutes. The stretches are given on our custom designed benches by Flexologists who employ a “push & release” type of stretching (technically “proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching”, phew). You will be resisting a bit at times during the stretch and then releasing as the Flexologist pushes or pulls, resulting in a more effective stretch.

How long a stretch should I get?

It is really up to you, though we recommend a 40 minute stretch to start so you can have a more comprehensive experience. Shorter stretches necessarily address fewer muscle groups because of time constraint—though you can specify the areas on which you want the Flexologist to concentrate. We have found that most people gravitate toward the longer 40 and 60 minute stretches, but you’ll get benefit from any of them. And if you are pressed for time and/or only want to work on a certain area, the shorter stretches might be for you.

When should I get stretched?

It is really up to you, though we generally recommend not being stretched immediately prior to exercise. Better to get stretched after a workout—or on an off day or a time when you have no plans to exercise soon thereafter.

How often should I get stretched?

All the time! People definitely benefit by getting stretched more often, but given time and cost constraints, many of our clients come in 1 -3 times per week and see real progress.

What sort of backgrounds do your Flexologists have?

All of our Flexologists are certified and/or licensed in their particular bodyworking or sports field. We have massage therapists, yoga instructors, personal trainers, pilates instructors, assistant physical therapists and others. They all work with our Physical Therapist co-owner to learn the stretching techniques we employ and test out prior to being allowed on the floor.

I’m afraid of getting hurt.

Don’t be. We work in a way that provides constant feedback and communication. As the stretches are given the Flexologist will ask you where you are on an intensity scale (your own scale) of 1-10. We shoot for about a 7; if it approaches being too intense, just tell the Flexologist that you are closing in on or at your limit. Some people like a more vigorous stretch, others less so; the stretch is in your control.

What if I have an injury?

We do not want to stretch people who are suffering from any sort of acute injury. You should definitely see a doctor or physical therapist and get clearance from them PRIOR to coming to StretchLab. We are NOT PHYSICAL THERAPISTS. It is imperative that you fully heal before coming in. If, however, you suffer from chronic pain, discomfort or tightness, stretching will likely do you much good—as long as your doctor or physical therapist approves.

Do you have to make an appt?

We take walk-ins or appointments (on the phone or on-line). We recommend appointments, of course, to guarantee a spot.

What do I wear? Can I be sweaty?

You can wear whatever you will feel comfortable getting stretched in. People wear workout clothes, gym shorts, yoga gear, loose fitting shorts, T-shirts. We also have pajama bottoms and T-shirts available at no charge if you want to come by and don’t have the right clothes on or with you. Don’t be afraid to come in a little sweaty after a workout. It is often the best time to get stretched and we can deal with it. (We clean the benches after each stretch and use hand towels when necessary during the stretch.)

Can I get a private room?

Sorry, but we do everything out in the open and do not have private areas. You can certainly request a bench toward the back if you prefer.

What is your tipping policy?

Our service prices and pay structure have been designed based on the clients tipping the Flexologist in accordance with how much they enjoy the stretch, generally in the range of 18-20% on the full cost of a stretch.

How old do you have to be?

There is no strict age limit—young or old—but a parent or guardian will have to sign our waiver for anyone under 18.

Can you stretch pregnant women?

We do stretch pregnant women, but best to call ahead to make arrangements with certain of our Flexologists who have more experience stretching pregnant women and feel more comfortable doing so.

Where have you been all my life?

Well, we’re here now! Come on in.